How Does a Top-Tier PSAP Prevent Downtime?

When it comes to providing fast, reliable emergency response services, there's no room for delay due to system interruptions

Learn how a PSAP is achieving 99.99+% system availability

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Emergency Services
911 Division Case Study

The job of first responders is challenging enough without system interruptions adding critical seconds to on-site arrival in emergency situations. That's why public safety organizations need proven, reliable solutions to protect their critical applications from unplanned downtime.

This case study explains why Allegheny County, Pennsylvania's multi-agency Emergency Services 911 Division chose to run its computer-aided dispatch (CAD), remote CAD, mobile communications, Web query, and police record management systems on fully redundant Stratus® ftServer® systems. Learn how the Stratus solution, which runs critical applications at both the primary dispatch center and overflow/disaster recovery site, is helping the County to:

  • Achieve 99.99+% availability and high performance of mission-critical applications
  • Prevent unplanned downtime and data loss that could put public safety at risk
  • Optimize access to third-party systems and data like National Criminal Justice files
  • Ensure rapid notification of emergency responders to drive better outcomes

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