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Protecting PSAP Applications from Downtime

Protecting PSAP Applications from Downtime

Strategies for Safeguarding the Mission-Critical Applications that First Responders Depend Upon

This ebook provides you with the information you need to assure the availability of mission-critical applications and minimize the possibility of disruptions caused by server, operating system, or application failure. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated servers, cluster technology, virtualization and more in easy- to-understand terms.

A typical stand-alone server provides 99% availability. This translates to 88 hours of downtime per year. A computer crash lasting several hours could impact the ability of call takers and dispatchers to respond effectively to hundreds of 911 calls in a major metropolitan area.

It is no longer just the CAD application that is mission critical; it is also the applications and records management systems that provide the information that assures the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of emergency response operations.

Your PSAP should not be satisfied with anything less than 99.999% availability for mission-critical applications. You will learn how it is achievable even for a small dispatch center with limited staff and budget.

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  • Why 99% system uptime is not good enough for
    PSAP applications
  • What technologies can be employed to increase system uptime greater than 99%
  • The pros and cons of various uptime technologies – hardened servers, clusters, virtualization, high availability and fault-tolerance – in terms of ease-of-use, administration and cost
  • What technologies are the best fit for your specific environment
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