Security Magazine Webinar: Availability for Always-on
Building Security and Automation Systems

Ensure Constant Information and Control
by Avoiding Automation System Downtime.
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High Availability Webinar
When it comes to building security and automation systems, you can't afford to risk having any blind moments.
If the server(s) that run your building automation systems crash, they take the security system down with them — so you can't react in a critical event. That's why you should fully understand the different High Availability solutions and identify which can prevent downtime and data loss from happening in the first place — Because you count on them for uninterrupted performance, information and control.

In this webinar, Frank Rotello, board member of InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance and CEO of Alpha Controls & Services, provides a comprehensive look at how to evaluate your security and building automation systems for the optimal high availability or fault tolerant solution that avoids costly downtime. He will cover:

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