451 Research Analyst Webinar:
Availability in a Software-Defined World

Why Software-Defined Availability
Goes Way Beyond High Availability
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Analyst Webinar
John Abbott, Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research, takes a high-level look at current market trends in high availability and looks ahead to where the world is heading.
Virtualization, and more recently the cloud, have changed the availability business beyond all recognition. Increasingly, high availability is becoming a closely integrated feature of a software-defined infrastructure – but the “good enough” capabilities bundled in with widely used virtualization layers have their limitations.

Best-in-class software based high availability includes a broader set of automated backup, retention, business-continuance and disaster-recovery processes that results in a mainframe-like resilience with increased flexibility and significantly reduced costs.

Viewing this webinar you’ll learn more about how Software-Defined Availability can:

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